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Features Bilatest Magnetic Separator M96 For 96 Well Plates

Bilatest Magnetic Separator M96 For 96 Well Plates

General description Consists of a clear plexiglas block with 6 4 extra strong permanent magnets D 7.5 mm for fast magnetic separation with 96 well plates. Optimized for THERMOSPRINT 96 well plates.

Bilatest Magnetic Separator M96 For Deep Well Plates

BILATEST magnetic separator M96 for deep well plates find null-Z662445 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products amp more at Sigma-Aldrich.

Lifesep Biomagnetic Separators For Well Plates Dexter

New Dexter LifeSep 96DR. PULL-TO-RING DESIGN 117 MAGNETS Backlight enhancement for greater visual contrast. 400 faster than conventional post separators. Open faced design for clear visibility. Part Number 11170020. Well Plate Qty 96. Height mm 58. Width mm 128.

Epimag Ht 96well Magnetic Separator Epigentek

The EpiMag HT 96-Well Magnetic Separator is a magnetic stand magnetic rack that allows paramagnetic bead precipitation of liquid samples from various flat-bottom or U-bottom 96-well microplates we recommend our EpiMag 96-Well Microplates for ideal compatibility. Designed from repurposed Greiner microplates, it ensures a high degree of compatibility with microplates while

Epimag Ht 96well Magnetic Separator 1 Separator

Each magnetic rod addresses four wells of a 96-well plate or two vessels at a time while utilizing the included PCR adapter for PCR plates or tubes. With this magnetic separator, paramagnetic beads will be firmly pulled to the side of the plate wells, which ensures complete removal of the magnetic beads from the solution by a robot or with a ...

96 Round Deep Well Storage Microplates For Illumina

These 96 deep well storage microplates are suitable for many manual and automated protocols, such as the Illumina library and sample preparations, due to the plates SBS footprint Additionally, they are suitable for use on magnetic plates for bead separation protocols

Coleparmer Evaporatorconcentrator For 96well Plates

Each needle is made from 15-gauge stainless steel with easy height adjustment to accommodate a variety of sample sizes. Stand-Alone EvaporatorConcentrators are made of autoclavable polypropylene with a nickel-plated valve feature cutouts for easy removal of plates. Select either a 96- or 384-well model. Warning This product is not approved ...

96 Round Deep Well Storage Microplate For Magnetic

These 96 deep well storage microplates are especially designed for use with magnetic separators for bead separation protocols Due to the special shape of the stacking ribs, the plate sits much lower on the magnetic separator than standard round well plates thus facilitating the speed and efficiency of the separation process

Magnetic Plates For Microplates Magnetic Bead

VP 771HH-H - Flick and Blot Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Well Flat Bottom Microplates, 329 Magnetic 52 MGO Cylinders, White Polycarbonate Frame, New Clips VP 771HH-MC- Flick and Blot Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Deep Well Flat, Round, or Pyramid bottom microplates, 6 Magnetic 50 MGO Bars, White Polycarbonate Frame, New Clips

Multiscreen174mesh Filter Plates With 96well Receiver

MultiScreen-Mesh is optimized for compound and target identification in a 96-well format. The 96-well nylon mesh plate and 96-well tray fit together to provide a ready-to-use system for assays measuring paralysis, cytotoxicity, and death of multicellular organisms. Select from a range of mesh pore sizes to appropriate for your application.

Binding Wash And Elution Plates For Nucleospin 96 Kits

NucleoSpin 96 Virus Plates. 4 x 96 Preps. USD 650.00. 96-well silica membrane plates for high-throughput purification of viral RNA and DNA via processing by vacuum or centrifugation. Cat. 740691.4S consists of a pack of four plates. Notice to purchaser. Our products are to be used for Research Use Only.

96 Well Pcr And Qpcr Plates Abi174 Style Framestar

4titude s FrameStar 96 well PCR amp qPCR plates, ABI style are compatible with all major cyclers, including ABI instruments. The 2-component design reduces sample evaporation to save you money on reagents. Available ethylene oxide treated for forensic use, and as a low DNA binding plate. Order under product codes 4ti-0770 followed by B, C, G, R, X for colour variations, 4ti-0771 ...

Thermo Scientific Nunc 249946 96well Microplates Pp

Thermo Scientific Nunc 249946 96-Well Microplates, PP, Conical, 0.45 mL, sterile. Representative image only. Nontreated polypropylene plates are solvent resistant, and withstand temperatures from -25 to 121 C -13 to 250 F. Caps create a tight seal and are easy to peel off without aerosolsreducing the risk of well-to-well contamination.

Magnetic Separators For Nucleomag Purification Kits

Each. USD 267.00. The NucleoMag SEP Mini magnetic separator is designed for the rapid manual purification of nucleic acids using the NucleoMag kits. NucleoMag kits employ Macherey-Nagels magnetic bead-based sample processing technology, and enable rapid purification of high-quality nucleic acids from multiple samples in parallel.

Multimacs M96 Separator Miltenyi Biotec

Strong magnetic field WarningThe MultiMACS M96 Separator is equipped with an extremely powerful magnet in microtiter plate-format, the MultiMACS 96 Magnet.

Mmseparator M96 Acrylic Boca Scientific

MM-Separator M96 is a magnetic separator for manual use with 96 well microplates and PCR plates. This separator enables easy separation of beads from liquids for multiple sample processing with 8- or 12-channel pipettes. 24 neodymium magnets are embedded for fast magnetic separation of beads in 96 wells. The magnetic particles are pulled to the side of wells for optimal access to the bottom and

Magnetic Plate 96 Well At Thomas Scientific

Plate, making large volume separations up to 40 faster. The 96M is dimensionally compatible with the 96R and 96S magnet plates, so your existing labware definitions will work for the Magnum Plate as well. Moreover, all plates that fit on the 96R and 96S plates will fit on the Magnum plate as well. Related Products Alpaqua Magnet

Luminex Magnetic Plate Separator Cn026901 Rampd

PRODUCT FEATURES. For performing manual wash procedure with assays containing MagPlex Microparticles Cost effective The Luminex Magnetic Plate Separator is a modified plate magnet intended to separate a 96-well plate of MagPlex Microspheres during assay preparation steps. The side clasps on this magnet have been specially designed to hold a round-bottom plate securely to the

Spe Instruments 96well Plate Vacuum Manifold

However, MULTI-SPE M96 can provide maximal 60 psi positive pressure to help the sample pass through 96-well plates with a adjustable flow rate. Features Low variation on the flow-rates between wells of 96-well plates which could improve the extraction consistency. High-throughput by processing maximal 96 samples simultaneously.

M96 Nucleic Acid Extraction System Life Science

Based on magnetic bead adsorption and separation automated extraction method, M96 Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems could overcome the disadvantages of traditional nucleic acid extraction methods, and achieve an rapid, efficient preparation of 96 samples at a time. With corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can process various sample types such as serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs ...

Biotek Introduces Full Microplate Washing For Magnetic

BioTek Instruments continues to expand its gold-standard ELx405 Microplate Washer product line with the introduction of the ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer. Developed in conjunction with leaders in genotyping, gene expression and protein assays that are built upon Luminex Corporations xMAP platform, the ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer offers high-strength biomagnetic separation in both 384-well ...

Magnetic Separator At Thomas Scientific

Magnetic Stand for DNA and RNA extraction or cell purification. This magnetic stand is designed to be used with 96 well multi well plates for magnetic bead based cell purification or DNA and RNA extraction. Cells or nucleic acid tagged with paramagnetic beads will be held down on the bottom of the

Magnetic Racks For Tubes Magnetic Bead Separation

VP 771SWFZS Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Well Microplates, Standard or Deep Well, Round or V Bottom, 24 Magnetic 52 MGO Cylinders, No Registration Base VP 772F10 - Magnetic Bead Separation Rack for 1.5 ml flip top microcentrifuge tubes

96well Ppt Protein Precipitation Plate Copure174 Ppt

Copure 96-well PPT plate is particularly designed to remove proteins from biological liquid samples plasma, serum or whole blood and suitable for LC-MS MS clinical research.. Features Use low adsorption membrane filter Super long retention time, effective

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